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Feb '17

The Smallest of Worries

There are a few small things that I worry about almost constantly before I arrive in a new place. Oddly enough, it’s not whether I’m going to get robbed or whether I’ll be able to talk to the locals. While those are always in my head, I can usually control my worry about those.  No, the worries that keep me up at night are much more minimal, yet infinitely more nagging.

Will there be hot water and will the bed be comfortable?

I have had plenty of opportunities to get used to cold showers and yet, there is something about that first step into a cold shower (no matter how hot the place) that I truly dread. And, Cusco happens to be at 11,000 feet with highs currently in the low 60’s. Cold shower? No way.

Beds are also notoriously poor. Heck, Aaron slept on a box spring for 2 weeks before I realized that while I was sleeping comfortably on a slightly sloping mattress, he was relegated to a few pieces of plywood with a sheet on top. We also have become quite the bed snobs in the past few years with the purchase of a memory foam mattress (by the way, we are huge advocates of buying the right mattress – you spend a ⅓ of your life there – it’s worth getting right!).

So, arriving at our AirBnB after 48 hours of travel, I was not only exhausted, but very apprehensive.

Breakfast in the garden

Breakfast in the jardin!

I went upstairs to our room and set a suitcase on the bed. No bounce! I sat on the bed….Comfortable!  

With a little trepidation, we tentatively turned on the shower and I left the bathroom so that I wouldn’t be too disappointed when it didn’t get hot. Before I could even leave the room, I could see steam! Not only that, but ALL the sinks here in our place have hot water! The sinks!! I can do dishes in hot water too?! What sort of magical place is this!?

Needless to say, we have arrived safely in Cusco and our home is wonderful. In addition to hot water and comfortable beds, they have a pack-n-play for Andrew (in which he sleeps amazingly well these days), a garden right outside our door where Andrew can run and play while I cook (on a gas range no less!), a small tienda next door that also does our laundry and as an added bonus, we discovered the restaurant next door not only will do carry-out (a necessity these days with Andrew), but hand-delivered our food to us last night!

We can’t wait to fill you in on more of the details of our move to Peru – why we’re here and what we’re going to be doing. But for now, I’m going to go take a nice, hot shower!


2 comments to “The Smallest of Worries”

  1. Aunt Kathy Says:

    We are so happy you have arrived safely in your new “home.”
    Happy to heat all amenities are above standard! Best wishes, blessings and love to you three. xoxoxox

  2. Shelley Duke Says:

    Blessings to you pursue your dreams. So many lives will be touched and improved because of your commitment to serve the less fortunate. I look forward to reading your future posts

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