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Jun '14


When Aaron and I first left for our South American Adventure in Spring 2012, I think in the back of our minds, we both kind of thought that this would end up just being one of those “great experiences” that you talk about for the rest of your life. We would come home, get regular jobs and every few months, reminisce about some funny story from our trip. Life would return to “normal.”

Oh, how wrong we were. Somehow, 6 months of travel really gets under your skin and changes who you are. There was no more normal for us.

And now, here we are, in Colorado with Aaron pursuing an MBA focused on solving some of the world’s most stubborn issues.Growing Capital Logo

Except that, Aaron isn’t even here! On Monday, Aaron began his trip to Nicaragua, where he will be spending the next 6 weeks working on our business venture, Growing Capital.

As completely crazy as this can sometimes seem, we cannot imagine life any other way. We feel we are where we should be, gaining the skills we’ll need for the next step. We don’t yet know what that next step will be, but this uncertainty has become the new normal for us and we are beyond excited about it!

So, get ready, Round Two of our WorldWideWonderings is about to begin!  This time, hopefully we’ll have a lot more clarity and purpose, but of course, continuing to share with you the joys of traveling!

fb likeWhile Aaron is gone, he and his team (and occasionally, yours truly) will be updating their venture Facebook page. If you would like to be included in these updates, be sure to Like their page: https://www.facebook.com/GrowingCapitalLatAm


2 comments to “Normal?”

  1. Margaret Hair Says:

    Amazing! Humbled by the creative way you two are making such a difference in the world.


  2. Elaine & Wayne Says:

    Hi Abby,
    We are following Aaron’s project through your posts and it sounds so exciting! Sue says we will see you when we visit her later this month–that will be so special and we look forward to hearing more about your life and plans then. Tell Aaron we are thinking of him these days. Take care,
    Aunt Elaine and Uncle Wayne

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