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Mar '17

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about why we are in Peru and what we are doing here. They are great questions and we hope we can finally answer them (for you and ourselves!).

Oddly enough, even though the timing aligned perfectly, we did not decide to move when Donald Trump was elected president. We actually did have a very long conversation about whether we were needed more in the US now –  and it’s a discussion we are still having. For now, we still feel we are called to pursue our purpose here and we would encourage everyone, no matter where you are, to truly get out there and love your neighbors.

Kid at Fountain

Fountain hunting with Andrew

For the near future, we have 3 main goals here:

  1. We want to try living abroad with Andrew.  While we both know that we love living abroad, we want to try it with Andrew before fully committing to ensure this path is sustainable for the long term. So far, this goal has been a resounding success! Andrew (like most kids) is extremely adaptable and seems to be loving life here. We go on walks to all the various plazas and play around the fountains. He’s learning Spanish as fast as he is English and he loves to tell everyone “Hola!” He gets to eat a lot of ice cream and we’ve discovered he absolutely loves quinoa (good thing we chose Peru, the Quinoa capital of the world).
  2. We want to regain our Spanish language skills. We’ve never quite stayed long enough in Latin America to solidify our Spanish skills and so, whenever we return home, we quickly lose our ability to speak Spanish! This time, we’re making this a priority.  One of the keys to our business being successful here is the ability to have real conversations with farmers and our partner organizations which will require us to speak Spanish (and maybe Quechua too).
  3. The third (and main) reason we are here is to test out our business model. If you don’t know about our business, Axios Impact, check out our website: axiosimpact.com or like our FB page: facebook.com/axiosimpact for more information. We are starting a social enterprise devoted to closing the financing gap for rural farmers and are extremely excited to finally be back in the field! We’ll be meeting with farmers and organizations to hear about their struggles and refine our program to best support them.

We’ve been here just over a month now and are really starting to feel comfortable. We love the lifestyle and have been enjoying getting to know Cusco and its wonderful, incredibly hospitable people!  We’re excited to keep moving forward on our goals and appreciate all the love and support we have been receiving from so many of you!

andrew ovejita cusco

Andrew loves all the ovejitas (sheep) and llamas that run around town.

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