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Mar '11

Don't Give Up-Give More!

As Lent begins tomorrow, I am always reminded of one of my favorite sermons that my Dad gave. It was about the trend that people have to give up something for Lent to help them further appreciate the sacrifice that Jesus gave his life. As my dad tells it, this isn’t at all what Jesus […]

Mar '10

Mission for a Church, Part 2

Last night we had our meeting and it was very interesting. Basically, we decided that we all agree on the core values of a mission statement but that we need to get an Action Plan in place to fully develop our mission statement. So, the mission statement that we decided to start working with is: […]

Feb '10

Mission for a Church

As you know, our church is going through a transition period and we are now working to redefine the mission of our church. I am really struggling with this and was hoping that I could get some ideas from you to help me out. What I am looking for is your thoughts on what the […]