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Mar '17

Comfortably Uncomfortable

Last week, John (Aaron’s brother), was praying before dinner and in his prayer he gave thanks to God for “being with us here in Peru where we are often more uncomfortable than we’re used to, but at other times, more comfortable. “ I was immediately reminded of one of the more powerful bible sentiments in […]

Mar '11

Time Tithe Update #1

Well, we are into the 3rd week of Lent and I just wanted to give an update on my time tithe. So far, in these 3 weeks, I have tithed 31 hours which, according to my calculations, means that I am right on track! It has been both easier and harder than I imagined. Between […]

Mar '11

It's Good to be Uncomfortable

While thinking about Lent and all the other things going on at our church, I am again reminded of something my Dad said: “You should never be comfortable at church.”  It took me a while to let this sink in but it is one of those ideas that has stuck with me all these years […]