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Mar '17

Comfortably Uncomfortable

Last week, John (Aaron’s brother), was praying before dinner and in his prayer he gave thanks to God for “being with us here in Peru where we are often more uncomfortable than we’re used to, but at other times, more comfortable. “ I was immediately reminded of one of the more powerful bible sentiments in […]

Mar '17

Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about why we are in Peru and what we are doing here. They are great questions and we hope we can finally answer them (for you and ourselves!). Oddly enough, even though the timing aligned perfectly, we did not decide to move when Donald Trump was elected president. We […]

Feb '17

The Smallest of Worries

There are a few small things that I worry about almost constantly before I arrive in a new place. Oddly enough, it’s not whether I’m going to get robbed or whether I’ll be able to talk to the locals. While those are always in my head, I can usually control my worry about those.  No, […]