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Aug '12

Great South(west) American Adventure Highlights

We have just returned to Texas after our whirlwind wild west tour. It was such an incredible trip that we don’t know where the time went and while we have tons of great stories, we wanted to share our top 5 highlights with you (in order of occurrence, not importance) 1. Camping at Molas Lake […]

Jun '12

Budget accommodations that can’t be beat

While on our travels, Aaron and I have been very aware of the prices of well, pretty much everything. We’ve tried to stay on a relatively tight budget to ensure that we’re able to continue on our adventures as long as possible. We kept track of our budget for both Ecuador and Colombia. Now that […]

Jun '12

Tourists at Home

One of the things that consistently amazed us while on our travels was how many interesting things there are to see at any given place in the world. Any of the towns we went to had a multitude of sites to see, local food to try and culture to discover. We came to realize that […]