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Jan '17

5 years and a lifetime ago


So young, so naive, so 5 years ago…

It’s been almost 2.5 years since my last post on World Wide Wonderings, and this month marks 5 years from when we left for our first South American Adventure in Ecuador and Colombia.

While all of that feels like an eternity ago (and reminds me how bad I am at keeping up with my writing!), there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about that trip. It set in motion a vision and plan that we have been eagerly (and admittedly slowly) pursuing.

When we made the decision to leave South America in 2012 after what we’ve dubbed our “vision trip,” we did so with a very deliberate plan to return.  Our plan was to return home, gain the skills we needed and get back “to the field” as soon as possible. While we had a few additional steps along the way (ok, who am I kidding?! Mainly the addition of a walking, talking tiny human being named Andrew who brings us more joy than words can explain), we have never wavered from our vision to return to Latin America and start a social enterprise.

And, so, it is with great excitement (and a whole lot of apprehension!) that I get to tell you that we are headed out! We are moving to Cusco, Peru and leave in one week (Eeeek!)! We will be continuing our work to bring financing options to rural farmers and can’t wait to start meeting with actual farmers and organizations again – Lots more on the business later!

We’ll have more details and updates soon, but we wanted to take a minute to thank every one of you who has supported us over the past 5 years. We thrive on your words of encouragement and appreciate you letting us share our journey with you!

baby in toy car

This kid is ready to roll!

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  1. Elaine & Randy Walquist Says:

    Thanks for including us on your email list. We love to keep up with your world wide wanderings! We will keep the three of you in our prayers.

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